Titlis – An Eldorado for summer and winter activities

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The Titlis is a 3,239-metre-high mountain, which is accessible by aerial cableways in several stages. It belongs to the Uri Alps in Central Switzerland and rises at the village of Engelberg.

  • There is a wide range of activities around Mount Titlis at any time of year.
  • The Titlis Glacier is located at 2,766 metres above sea level above the Stand middle station and close to Rotstöckli; it is also called the Galtiberg Glacier.
  • The Rotair cable car turns 360 degrees during its journey from Stand to the Klein-Titlis mountain station and offers every guest a complete mountain panorama.

The following video shows a first overview of the possible activities on the Titlis.


Summer activities on the Titlis

There is snow on the Titlis all year round. The activities in summer (May to October) differ to a large extent from the winter activities. At any time you can see on the page of the open lifts all currently open cable cars, slopes, activities and restaurants.

Sommerpanorama, Brunni, Titlis
Summer panorama, Brunni, Titlis

One of the most popular summer activities is on the Titlis:

  • Hiking
  • Trübsee Adventure
  • Zipline Trübsee Flyer
  • Smugglers & Packers
  • Mountain biking
  • Scooter Bike
  • Climbing stick Graustock
  • Rowing and kayaking on the Trübsee

There are a large number of hiking trails on the Titlis. They range from easy and leisurely walks to challenging trekking tours. A general map shows the hiking and mountain bike trails on the Titlis. The longest hiking trail runs for twenty-one kilometres, the longest mountain trail for 24 kilometres.

Glacier tours in high summer are increasingly difficult due to the retreat of the glacier and should only be undertaken with a mountain guide. For children, there are a variety of offers for adventurous activities at Trübsee. Smugglers and muleteers keep the children busy with tasks around the lake, Trübsee Adventure offers sporting activities such as jumping on jumping cushions with and without a trampoline or in a bouncy castle.

The Zipline Trübsee Flyer is a rope slide that is subject to a fee and can be used from the age of eight years.


Hiking on the Titlis

On and around the Titlis there are 4 official hiking trails and 20 official mountain trails, which vary in duration from one to almost nine hours.

Wandern, hiking, familie, family
Hiking, hiking, family

Easy hike from Engelberg railway station – waterfall

From the railway station the path leads along the spa gardens to the monastery. From the monastery church, the path runs along the cemetery and over the Klostermatte to St. Anna. After the bridge, the path leads over a wide mat along Schweizerhausstrasse to the waterfall. After the waterfall, the path leads to the valley station of the Fürenalp railway station. A free sports bus brings hikers back to the village. Otherwise, you can take the Professors’ Trail back to the railway station. This tour is also easy to walk in winter.


Difficult hike from Trübsee mountain station – Titlis summit

This glacier tour is carried out with crampons and picks; inexperienced climbers are secured on the rope of the mountain guide. The hike begins in Trübsee with a well-maintained path in a south-easterly direction to the Stand vantage point and over easy rock steps to the Unter Rotegg lift station. From here, the Titlis glacier is accessed from the south (may be icy in late summer).

The snow groomers level a solid track on the glacier in summer. Along the lift and above the tobogganing area the trail leads to the Ice-Flyer station and from Stotzig Egg as a levelled pedestrian route towards the top station. The transition point Westgrat is aper (largely free of snow) and can be walked on a zigzag trail without any problems. After a shallow hollow, wire ropes help to negotiate the last steep section to the Titlis summit. The way back runs along the Westgrad path to the top station.




At the middle station of the roller coaster gondola, the Trübsee Adventure takes place in summer (until about mid-October) with activities such as bag jump, slackline. Trampoline2Bag, bouncy castle and Bike Pump Track. Guides are available.

BagJump Tower, bag jump, TITLIS Adventure Park, adventure park, Aktivität Trübsee, activity on Trübsee
BagJump Tower, bag jump, TITLIS Adventure Park, adventure park, Aktivität Trübsee, activity on Trübsee

At the BagJump Tower, visitors jump onto a 1.50 metre thick jumping cushion. There is a minimum age for the three jump heights:

  • three meters (from 6 years)
  • four metres (from 8 years)
  • six metres (from 14 years)

In case of strong wind or if the cushion is wet, the system is closed. Right next to it is the Trampoline2Bag. Directly from one of the two springy trampolines, visitors aged 6 years and over jump into the air cushion. The six meter long slackline is used to train balance, coordination and concentration.

The slackline is attached 50 cm above protective mats. The slackline is on the terrace of the Berghotel Trübsee. There is also an alpine hut bouncy castle on this terrace. The Rotair bouncy castle at the terrace in front of Lago Torbido is modelled on a Rotair cabin.

A pump track as a compact, closed circuit with small waves and steep wall curves serves to train coordination and balance with the mountain bike. The Trübsee Adventure is open daily from 1 pm to 5 pm in good weather from June to October. On weekends it is already open at 11 am. The participation is free of charge.


Zipline Trübsee Flyer

The Zipline Trübsee Flyer takes people with their seat belts fastened below the Titlis from the Berghotel Trübsee over a length of 500 metres to the lake.

Zipline Truebsee Titlis

The steel cable overcomes 40 metres of height difference downwards. Two steel cables are located next to each other, so that a flight for two is possible next to each other. The launch site is located about twenty metres above the Berghotel Trübsee. The finish is right next to the Schmuggler & Säumer playground at Trübsee.

Depending on the weather conditions, the facility is open from about the beginning of July to mid-October. The minimum age is 8 years. Minimum size and weight are 1.20 metres and 30 kilograms. Maximum size and maximum weight are 2.10 metres and 125 kilograms. The trip can be started directly at the starting point of the Info-Point Trübsee.

The facility is open all year round daily between 13:00 and 16:30. This video shows a trip with the Zipline Flyer to Trübsee.


Smugglers & Packers

The Schmuggler & Säumer adventure world at Trübsee includes a smuggler’s playground, a mule camp with barbecue area and puzzles to solve on the way around Trübsee.

 am Trübsee
am Trübsee by TB

A smuggler map shows the six stations and their tasks. On the adventure trail around the lake, the children discover the treasures hidden by the smuggler Engelbert and his mule Schmuggli. The path around the lake is 3.4 km long and takes about an hour. It is also easily accessible with prams.

It requires 37 metres of ascent and 36 metres of descent. At the valley station or at the Trübsee station, children can obtain a smuggler’s card. At each station around the lake, the children find an item with letters. These letters can be punched into the smuggler’s card with pliers. At the end there is a solution word. If it is correct, the child receives a smuggler prize.

The different stations

  1. The donation: You can climb inside a huge money box. A coin is donated to a good cause with fun. In 2020 the donation went to a Swiss mountain aid organisation.
  2. The legend: An exercise with endurance, balance and equilibrium imitates the monk from the Engelbert monastery.
  3. The idea: using muscle power to set the cable car in motion. The idea is to discover the cog railway that runs between Engelberg and the Haslital.
  4. The legend: This time it’s all about gold prospecting in the Arniloch. The children try to dig for gold in the lake with a cauldron.
  5. Smuggler-PlaygroundThe treasures hidden here are sought by the children and found through play. The search spots are in the smugglers’ tower, treasure chests or tunnel and trench labyrinths. The sandpit with play gold is particularly popular.
  6. Mule camp: The last stop is for a cosy get-together with family and friends.

The barbecue area and wood needed for barbecuing can be used free of charge. The mule camp consists of several barbecue areas. There are also tables with numerous seats. All facilities can be used from May to October.


Mountain biking on the Titlis

On the Titlis there is a large number of tours with the Mountain bike are available in varying degrees of difficulty. A general map shows fifteen tours. The mountain bike can be transported with the mountain railways.

Mountainbike, bike, trail, flowtrail, jochpastrail, jochpass,
Mountain bike, bike, trail, flowtrail, jochpastrail, jochpass,

The tours are open from June to October. Some tours in the selection:

  • The Jochpass Trail (easy, 4.5km, 20 minutes, no ascent, 440 hm descent): This is a flow trail from the Jochpass to Trübsee and is suitable for both experienced bikers and beginners, as the stages can be ridden at different speeds.


  • The Engelberg-Untertrübsee-Trübsee Trail (demanding, 13km, 3 hours, 830 hm ascent and descent): the trail leads along the tarred Gerschnistrasse and climbs steadily through the forest to Alp Untertrübsee. The following gravel path requires good physical condition and riding technique. On a tarred road on the right bank of Lake Trübsee you reach the end of the tour.


  • Trudy trail from the Jochpass to Trübsee (demanding, 1km, 210hm): The route does not include rough heels and jumps, but several difficult passages, obstacles and steep face bends. Perfect for downhill enthusiasts.


  • Hells Bells Trail from Jochpass to Engstlenalp (medium difficulty, 2km, 285hm): the trail is comfortable 1m wide, but has some challenges.


  • The 4-lake tour Engelberg-Trübsee-Jochpass-Engstlenalp-Tannalp-Melchsee-Frutt (demanding, 32 km, 920hm) The tour starts in Trübsee and leads uphill to the Jochpass. via Engstlenalp and Tannalp to Melchsee-Frutt. From here it is only downhill to Sarnen.


On a flowtrail, mountain bikes can be ridden smoothly (Engl. flow) along the entire route. In the downhill section, an exclusively downhill route is ridden as fast as possible.

Mountainbike, bike, trail, 4 seen, tour, route
Mountain bike, bike, trail, 4 lakes, tour, route am Titlis

At the TITLIS valley station next to Titlis Rent there is a bike washing facility. At the Jochpass valley station, there is an automatic hose machine with different hose sizes for bikes as well as a tool and compressed air station.


Trotti-Bike and Devil-Bike

A scooter-bike is a vehicle that is a mixture between a bike and a scooter. The riders stand upright on a wide footboard close to the ground, the wheels have the size and profile of the wheels of a bike.

Trotti Bike, Spass, Abenteuer; Scooter bike, fun, adventure
Scooter bike, fun, adventure; Scooter bike, fun, adventure

Children aged 10 years and over and 1.25 metres tall may drive their own scooter. Smaller children are at the front of the scooter with their parents. A video shows the ride on the Titlis with scooters. Helmets are compulsory, the helmets are also rented. Right-hand traffic must also be adhered to, just as when cycling.

The scooters can be hired at the intermediate station Gerschnialp or at the Untertrübsee Restaurant and after the ride they are handed in at the valley station of the TITLIS mountain railways. The ride down is 3.5 kilometres long and covers 260 metres in altitude. Trottibikes can be hired from May to October daily between 9 am and 5 pm. In wet weather (danger of slipping) there is no rental.

A somewhat faster ride is allowed on the Devil-Bike, also called Monsterbike. The Devilbikes have extra wide tyres and ride over terrain without any problems. The route from Jochpass to Trübsee overcomes 410 metres in altitude and takes about 15 minutes. These bikes are recommended from 12 years of age. For groups of 10 persons or more, a reservation is desired, in which case the prices are reduced.


Fixed rope route on the Titlis – Graustock

The Graustock via ferrata begins at the Bärghuis (Berghaus) Jochpass at 2,222 metres above sea level and leads to the 2,662-metre-high summit of the Graustock with a view of the Titlis.

Via ferrata

The via ferrata is considered a medium-difficulty tour. The car-free Jochpass is reached by the TITLIS cable car from Engelberg to Trübsee and further on by the Jochpass chairlift. A signpost at the Jochpass shows the way, which is marked white-blue-white in the further course.

rock & saftey days, rigidalstock, 27. - 29. Juni Titlis
rock & saftey days, rigidalstock, 27 – 29 June

On the via ferrata, which alternates between steep mountain paths and challenging climbing passages, 475 metres of altitude difference are overcome in about 4.5 hours. The Engelberg valley can be overlooked via the 700-metre-high north face of the Graustock.

From the summit cross, the view extends to Mount Titlis and the villages of Spannort, Rigi and Pilatus, and on a clear day as far as the Bernese Alps (Wetterhörner, Schreckhorn and Finsteraarhorn). Stages of the ascent (about three hours):

  • 20 metres of altitude difference until the first upswing, along the south-east ridge of the Graustock
  • Along the wire rope to the point Rot Nollen at 2,309 metres above sea level.
  • 60 metres up to the second rocky upswing
  • Along the wire ropes steeply over rocks and grass to the Schafberg at 2,522 metres
  • Via marked path with scree and stone slabs to the steepest uphill section (particularly challenging)
  • to the rocky ridge, which is then overcome by means of wire ropes, and to the summit cross (2,661 metres)

Stages of the descent (about 1.5 hours)

  • over the ridge along the wire ropes to the big cairn
  • descend to the right in a southerly direction until the step and transition to the Schaftal
  • follow the white-blue-white marked path to point 2.324 m
  • now follow the white-red-white marked path to the Jochpass


Very important for this tour is the observation of the weather. Above the karst areas, snow bridges can collapse when walking on the rocks and large snowdrifts may hang over the ridge in early summer. Poor visibility could cause problems, especially on the descent.

Klettersteig Graustock Titlis Ausblick Tal
Via ferrata

The via ferrata is open from the beginning of June to the end of October, and the wire ropes are dismantled over the winter. The necessary via ferrata equipment can be rented. It is available in the Bärghuis Jochpass or from Titlis Rent at the valley station. Entrances and possible exits are shown on the Titlis page.


Rowing and kayaking on the Trübsee

Six rowing boats for four people each are moored at Trübsee . Kayak trips are available as guided tours, always with a view of the Titlis.

Kajak, trübsee, kajaken,kayaking, sommer, summer
Kayak, trübsee, kayaking,kayaking, summer, summer

The rowing boats can be used daily from June to October, weather permitting. The use of the rowing boats is not supervised by a manned ticket office. The users of the rowing boats put the fee into the cash box, which is located on the jetty. Six rowing boats with room for four people each are available. A sufficient number of life jackets are provided in the boat.

Kajak, trübsee, kajaken,kayaking, sommer, summer
Kayak, trübsee, kayaking,kayaking, summer, summer

Guided kayak trips can be booked at the Bootshaus Trübsee. They take place in good weather in July and August. Please bring a bath towel, warm jacket, sporty clothes and a change of clothes. The kayak trips last about 1.5 hours and are available for groups of six or more. Reservation in advance is recommended.


Winter activities

Possible activities on the Titlis are very varied in winter and additional ski and drag lifts make access to the mountain easier. Most winter attractions on Titlis are open from December to April. On the page of open lifts you can see all currently open mountain railways, slopes, activities and restaurants.

Berg, Titlis, Bergstation;.Mountain, Titlis, Station;
Mountain, Titlis, top station;.Mountain, Titlis, station;

One of the most popular winter activities is on the Titlis:

  • Skiing and snowboarding (until end of May)
  • Sledging on the Titlis
  • Rutschpark Trübsee
  • Titlis SnowXPark
  • Zipline Trübsee Flyer (all year round)
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Winter hiking
  • Avalanche Training Center
  • SnowEpic

At Trübsee, the Zipline Trübsee Flyer cable slide is also in operation in winter. In addition, a slide park is set up there for the winter. The ski slopes around Trübsee are rather easy to ski on.

SnowEpic is a sport that rolls over the snow-covered mountains with highly upgraded mountain bikes. Until now, it has taken place around Engelberg and Titlis in the form of festivals where the affected routes are closed to snowboarders and skiers. It is run over a kind of cross-country track.


Skiing and snowboarding

From the Titlis glacier down to Engelberg, about twelve kilometres are reserved for the longest descent. It overcomes 2000 metres in altitude on this route.

Skifahrer springt am Titlis
Titlis, ski resort, skiing, slope, snow, sun, snowXpark, snowmobile

In the entire Engelberg-Titlis ski area there are 82 kilometres of slopes. This is the length of the ski runs for sporty skiers. The length of the straight downhill ski runs is 55 kilometres.

In the period from December to April almost all slopes are guaranteed snow. Skiing and snowboarding on the glacier is possible from October to the end of May. Some of the slopes and downhill routes are:

  • Downhill route Rotegg (very steep)
  • Piste Stand – Rindertitlis
  • Slopes on the Titlis glacier (medium difficulty)
  • Piste Jochpass -Trübsee
  • Piste Ice Flyer (medium difficulty)
  • Particularly easy descents can be found on the lower slopes around Untertrübsee, Gerschnialp and Trübsee.

More than half of the total distance is medium-difficulty slopes. The difficulty of the 82 kilometres of pistes is thus divided:

  • 23.5 km easy (29%)
  • 45.5 km medium (55%)
  • 13.0 km heavy (16%)

At the stand and at the Jochpass, the pistes run through high alpine terrain. At Gerschnialp, the slopes are rather gentle and from Trübsee, the route leads to Engelberg via alpine meadows and through the forest. The Trübsee quad chairlift Trübsee-Hopper connects the pistes via Trübsee.


Sledging on the Titlis

A 3.5 km long toboggan run leads down the Titlis for 250 metres in altitude. It begins at Gerschnialp, leads through the snow-covered Gerschniwald forest and ends in Engelberg.

Schlitteln, Gruppe;.Sledding, Group;
Sledding, Group;.Sledding, Group;

The funicular leads to the toboggan run from the TITLIS valley station to Gerschnialp. It runs every half hour and takes about four minutes. A sledge can be rented at the valley station when you buy your ticket. You can bring your own sledge with you. The tobogganing day pass allows an unlimited number of toboggan runs and cable car rides to Gerschnialp on that day.

A return trip to Trübsee is also included. This means that a combination with a visit to a restaurant or the Trübsee Slide Park is possible. The Gerschnialp-Trübsee cable car only runs in winter. Here every Friday and Saturday evening Night sledging between 19:30 and 21:30. At the TITLIS valley station, the evening can be concluded with a raclette from 8 pm onwards.

Season or day tickets are not valid for night sledging. The toboggan run is open from around Christmas until the beginning of March when the weather is good. Dogs are not allowed on the sledge run.


Rutschpark Trübsee

The Trübsee Slide Park can be used with balancers, snow tubs or bobsleds. It starts at the middle station of the TITLIS cable cars at 1,800 metres above sea level and is free of charge.

by TB

In the following video you can see how a balancer looks like and how it is used correctly in the snow:

A Zipfelbob can be used without prior training, even by small children from around three years of age. The Minibob has special grooves on the otherwise smooth underside. This, together with the low centre of gravity, allows the Zipfelbob to track true to the track. It does not tip over and has a handle for braking. During the ride this is also used as a control lever, supported by the feet.

Snowtubing involves sliding down the slope on a tyre. There are all kinds of variations: forward, backward, sitting or lying down, everything is possible. Snowtubing at Trübsee looks like this:

A covered conveyor belt allows you to get back up quickly and comfortably with a tyre, bob or balancer. The slide park is open daily between 9 and 17 o’clock from December to April. Between Christmas and Easter the slide park is additionally open every Saturday evening from 7 pm to 10 pm as part of the events Trübsee Saturday Night opened.


Titlis SnowXPark Trübsee

The TITLIS SnowXPark is comparable to a karting track. The e-Snowmobiles can be driven on different circuits.

snow x park schneetöff
SnowXPark snow bike

The TITLIS SnowXPark is located near the Berghotel Trübsee and not far from the slide park. It takes about ten minutes to get from the bottom station of the TITLIS cable car to the Trübsee middle station. There are six e-Snowmobiles on every circuit of the SnowXPark at the same time.

The longest circuit is about one kilometre long. Full physical effort is required when jetting around tight curves. The e-Snowmobiles have a Junior mode. In this mode, children from the age of 12 years are allowed to drive them. The snowmobile rental includes battery replacement and instructions.

In addition, an action cam can be rented for a fee to film your own ride. There are various camera mounts on the vehicle and helmet so that the ride can be filmed from different angles. The SD card with the raw film data is included in the price. SnowXrace is a sensor that measures your own fastest lap time. This use also costs extra. The TITLIS SnowXPark is open daily from Christmas until the beginning of April.

Monday to Friday it is open from 11 to 16:30 and on weekends from 10 to 17. e-Snowmobile Facts:

  • no CO2
  • no noise
  • no engine oil
  • Electric motor with high torque

Individual offers are made for team excursions, which may include a train ride, an aperitif and an e-Snowmobile ride and, if desired, can be supplemented by a fondue party or raclette evening at Berghotel Trübsee.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing on the Titlis is possible on several trails that start in the valley from Engelberg. On the mountain, the Gerschnialp trail is a popular cross-country tour.

langlauf, talloipe, cross country
cross-country skiing, talloipe, cross country

The Gerschnialp trail is eight kilometres long and is classified as an easy to medium tour. It leads through the wintry Gerschniwald. Short, intensive ascents and flat passages alternate on the tour between Gerschnialp and Untertrübsee.

The route is at an altitude of between 1,262 and 1,300 metres and can be done in a classic or skating style. In skating, the leg kick is performed using the skating step. This technique allows a faster movement compared to the classic style of cross-country skiing. The Gerschialp trail is open daily during the winter season from December to March.

Langlauf, Nachtloipe, cross country, night
Cross-country skiing, night cross-country skiing, cross country, night

The cross-country ski run is reached by funicular from Titlis valley station to Gerschnialp. The trail starts not far from the Gerschnialp top station, a shuttle bus bridges the distance to the trail. At the end of the cross-country ski run, the funicular leads from Untertrübsee back down to the valley.

The cross-country run takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes and covers 107 metres in altitude. There is a webcam on the cross-country trail. A further 35 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails are available in the valley from Engelberg.



Snowshoeing is possible around the Titlis in the valley and on the mountain. There are two snowshoe trails on the mountain.

fuerenalp, schneeschuh, schneeschuhwandern
fuerenalp, snowshoe, snowshoeing

The Gerschnialp-Untertrübsee trail is accessible from December to March. It begins at the well-signposted starting point, which can be reached after a short stretch along the road. The snowshoe trail runs parallel to the cross-country ski run and is clearly marked as such.

First the trail leads into the Gerschniwald, then at Schlegi along the Bitzistock through open terrain to the Untertrübsee mountain restaurant. This is the halfway point of the tour. After a wide mat with a view of the surrounding mountains, the tour leads back along the edge of the forest to the Gerschnialp mountain station.

Arrival and departure are via the funicular railway. The walking time is about one and a half to two hours at an altitude between 1262 and 1240 metres. The total distance of 4.2 km is 141 metres up and down.

The Obertrübsee Trail begins at Berghotel Trübsee in the direction of Engelberg. The trail leads next to the slide park down to the lake to the hut. Then it goes uphill on the right in the direction of Chrützhubel. After a moraine ridge a vantage point is reached. Continue to the Älplerseil mountain station to enjoy the deep view.

Afterwards the trail leads back to the starting point. This snowshoe trail is 5.5 km long and takes 2 to 2.5 hours. Uphill and downhill about 251 hm (metres in altitude) are overcome. Arrival and departure is via the TITLIS-Xpress railway between Engelberg and Trübsee.


Winter hiking

Various winter hikes are possible on the cleared pistes on the Titlis. The photo shows a hike along the Panorama Trail.

Winterwandern Titlis
Winter Hiking, Street;

On the Titlis and around Engelberg there are winter hiking trails on about 50 kilometres. The hike Gerschnialp-Untertrübsee begins at the Hotel Bänklialp at about 1000 metres above sea level. The trail leads along the Bänklialp path up to Gerschnialp through a snowy winter forest. The trail continues along the road to the station and then below the Bitzistock over the valley floor to Untertrübsee at about 1240 metres above sea level. The total distance is 4.2 kilometres and takes about 1.5 hours. The route covers 304 m ascent and 57 m descent. The tour is classified as medium difficulty. It can be done all year round.


The Trübsee winter hiking trail begins at the middle station of the TITLIS Xpress cable car. The easy hiking tour leads a few steps downwards to pink coloured signposts. The winter hiking trail is clearly signposted and leads around the Trübsee. On the way you can stop off at the Älpstübli or at the end of the trail at the Berghotel Trübsee. The 3.2 km are completed in about an hour and include about 32 metres of ascent and descent.


Avalanche Training Center Titlis

The avalanche training camp is offered free of charge in winter near Trübsee. At the Schlächtismatt (Trübsee), participants can practice searching with the avalanche transceiver under realistic conditions. LVS means avalanche transceiver.

 Titlis The first 15 minutes after being buried by an avalanche are crucial to saving the lives of buried victims. An avalanche transceiver is a useful helper in this respect. In the training centre the handling of an avalanche transceiver is practised.

The Avalanche Training Center contains ten avalanche beacons distributed over an area of 100x100 meters. Each avalanche beacon transmitter has a probe scanning area of 40 x 60 centimetres. The search is carried out with a transceiver and probe. If a probe hits an active transmitter, the avalanche transceiver displays the hit. At the same time it is displayed on the control panel of the Avalanche Training Centre.

In this control centre, the avalanche transceiver transmitters are also switched on in advance by radio for the exercise. This training unit is easy to use. To increase the level of difficulty, an expert mode is available.

Functionality of a WMS: Each avalanche transceiver can be set to transmit or search mode. Tourers or freeriders (off-piste skiers or snowboarders) each wear an avalanche transceiver set to transmit. If you are searching for a buried subject, set your avalanche transceiver to search mode. The range is 20-60 metres. LVS, avalanche probe and avalanche shovel are standard equipment.

Training in how to use them correctly can be life-saving.


Activities on the glacier

The Titlis has a permanent glacier. The Titlis cable car takes visitors up to 3,020 metres. The glacier is called Galtiberggletscher or Titlisgletscher.

Gletschergrotte, Eis, kalt, Eisfiguren; Glacier cave, ice, cold
Glacier grotto, ice, cold, ice figures; Glacier cave, ice, cold

Possibilities to experience the glacier:

  • Titlis Cliff Walk
  • Glacier Grotto
  • Titlis Glacier Park
  • Hike Stotzig Egg
  • Titlis Rotair
  • Ice Flyer

Even the journey to the glacier is an experience in itself: the Titlis Rotair mountain railway revolves around itself so that every guest can experience the entire panorama around the glacier.

The Ice Flyer is a chairlift that takes visitors from the Titlis Rotair mountain station directly to the glacier. A stay on the glacier is an experience in summer. The suspension bridge offers special views 500 metres above the ground, the Titlis Glacier Park offers activities on the ice, and in warm weather you can also wear summer clothes. Visiting the glacier grotto is also one of the special experiences on the glacier. Here is a little foretaste:

To find out which activities are currently open, there is the Titlis Open Attachments page.


Cliff Walk over the suspension bridge

Since 2012 there is a suspension bridge on the Titlis. At this time it is the highest suspension bridge in Europe. The “Titlis Cliff Walk” takes visitors at a height of 3,041 metres above sea level over a swinging rope construction above a 500 metre deep abyss. Over a length of about one hundred metres it connects the viewing platform with the top station of the glacier chairlift Ice-Flyer.

TITLIS Cliff Walk, Hängebrücke, Titlis;.Suspension Bridge, Titlis;Winter
Cliff Walk Suspension Bridge Titlis

The suspension bridge weighs a total of 30 tons and is intended to bring the mountain world on the Titlis even closer to the guests. The opening of the new suspension bridge coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Engelberg – Gerschnialp cable car.

To get to the bridge, a path leads from the top station through an underground mountain tunnel to the viewing platform at the south wall window. This tunnel is 140 metres long. The suspension bridge is a swinging rope construction that can withstand temperatures down to minus 40 degrees Celsius and wind speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour. The suspension bridge is secured at the sides by a man-high wire mesh fence.


Glacier park and glacier grotto

The glacier grotto or glacier cave can be reached from the first level of the TITLIS mountain station via a corridor.

Ten metres deep, a 150-metre-long corridor of the grotto leads below the surface of the glacier. The ice in the cave is up to 5,000 years old. The temperature here is a constant minus 1.5 degrees Celsius. The glacier cave is open daily.

Gletschergrotte, Eis, kalt, Eisfiguren; Glacier cave, ice, cold
Glacier grotto, ice, cold, ice figures; Glacier cave, ice, cold

The glacier park is open in summer and use is free of charge. Sliding fun is provided by various sliding devices: Snake Gliss, Balancer or Zipfelbob are used by visitors on the Snowtoy track to slide down the slope. The Magic-Carpet conveyor belt then takes them back to the starting point in a short time.

With the Snake Gliss, several toboggans are connected together and are steered by an expert. Up to ten toboggans can be connected behind each other (up to 10 toboggans per snake).

A Zipfelbob is also driven by small children from around three years of age without prior training. Special grooves on the otherwise smooth underside and the low centre of gravity ensure that the Zipfelbob runs true to track and does not tip over. The handlebars are used by the drivers to steer the bob.

In snowtubing, the participants slide down the slope on a tyre. There are all variations: sitting, lying down, forwards or backwards. The tyres also turn on their own axis without losing track.

In winter, snowtubing and the other sliding devices are offered in the slide park at Trübsee.


Hike Stotzig Egg

A hike to Stotzig Egg takes about forty minutes. From the Titlis summit station, the secured glacier path leads to the Stotzig Egg vantage point. The glacier path is located at an altitude of 3,020 metres and is considered to be a medium-difficulty hike. From the vantage point there is a view over the peaks of the Central Swiss Alps.

In good weather conditions, views as far as the Bernese Oberland and the Valais mountains are possible. You can also see as far as the Black Forest when the weather is fine. The hike can be done all year round and is free of charge. However, the opening time depends on snow and weather conditions.

Attention: Part of the hiking route is on the ski slope during the winter months from October to May.


Location and arrival with the Titlis mountain railways

The 3,239-metre-high Mount Titlis belongs to the mountain group of the Uri Alps. It can be reached from Engelberg with the Titlis cable car. There are three parking spaces at the valley station of the cable car. All currently open mountain railways can be seen on the side of the open lifts. To the mountain railways on the Titlis belong:

  • TITLIS Xpress Engelberg – Trübsee (eight-seater gondola lift) from Engelberg to Trübsee
  • TITLIS Xpress Trübsee – Booth (eight-seater gondola lift) from Trübsee to booth
  • Rotair Stand – TITLIS (rotating round gondolas) from Stand to Small Titlis
  • Ice Flyer (chairlift)
  • Glacier ski lift (drag lift)
  • Engelberg – Gerschnialp (funicular railway)
  • Älplerseil Untertrübsee – Trübsee (eight-cabin cable car)
  • T-bar lift Untertrübsee (ski lift)
  • Trübsee – Jochpass (quad – high speed – chair lift)
  • Engstlenalp – Jochpass (Sechser – high speed – chair lift)
  • Gerschnialp-Trübsee (Angel Eyes) (78-seater cable car)

Gondolas and aerial cableways float up to the stand above Gerschnialp and Trübsee. From there the journey continues with the “Rotair” aerial cable car. It turns 360 degrees during the ride and therefore offers an all-round panorama at 3,020 metres above sea level on Klein-Titlis. The Ice-Flyer chairlift takes you directly to the glacier park.

Travel times of the TITLIS railways: from 8:50 am to 5 pm non-stop, last descent to Engelberg 5 pm. An interactive map shows which railways in the area are open or closed, and which are always up to date.


The mountain railways to the Titlis

The TITLIS Xpress eight-seater gondola lift takes sixteen minutes from Engelberg (1,003 metres above sea level) to the stand (2,428 metres). They move along the 4.7 kilometre long track at a speed of up to six metres per second.

The Rotair gondola lift takes you up to Klein Titlis at 3,028 metres above sea level. These gondola lifts have been in operation here since 15 November 2014. Each gondola turns completely around itself. By omitting a centre console, entry and exit have been simplified. The mirrored windows remind the cabin of a glass ball.

A large Swiss cross can be seen below. The Rotair gondola lift takes five minutes to reach.

TITLIS Rotair, revolving cable car, drehbare Luftseilbahn Winter
TITLIS Rotair, revolving cable car

Ice Flyer is the name of the chairlift that can carry up to six people at a time. It takes guests to the glaciers in summer and to the ski slopes in winter. The glaciers over which the chairlift floats are up to twenty metres deep.

Built in 1999, the chairlift climbs 178 metres in altitude to a length of 680 metres and takes about 2.50 minutes to complete. Up to 900 people are transported per hour. The Ice Flyer takes visitors from the top station of the Titlis cable car directly to the Gletscherpark.

In winter, the chairlift leads directly to the ski slopes at the summit. The Glacier ski lift is a drag lift from 2004, which climbs 235 metres in four minutes and forty seconds over a length of 775 metres. The T-bar lift reaches a speed of three metres per second. It can transport up to 1,200 people per hour.


The mountain railways Älplerseil Untertrübsee, Gerschnialp and Jochpass

The Engelberg funicular to Gerschnialp has been in operation since 1913, with the valley station at 995 metres above sea level in Engelberg. Up to the top station in Gerschnialp it climbs 212 metres in altitude over a length of 512 metres. The top station is located at 1,267 metres above sea level. It is used daily as part of the public transport system. The journey time is about four minutes. The train runs every half hour.

untertruebsee aelplerseil

The cable car Älplerseil runs daily between Untertrübsee and Trübsee in summer and winter on call between 8 and 18 o’clock. It is closed during the off-season periods in spring and autumn. In summer, the eight-cabin cable car can be reached from Engelberg on foot, by bike and also by car.

In the winter season the cable car is located on a ski slope. This piste runs from Trübsee to Engelberg. The bottom station is at 1,266 metres above sea level, the top station at 1,715 metres. Over a distance of 1,240 metres, 449 metres in altitude are reached at a speed of five metres per second.

The T-bar lift Untertrübsee rides 635 metres up between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. near the Untertrübsee restaurant in winter, climbing 73 metres in altitude. The ski lift dates back to 1978. The four-seater high speed chairlift Trübsee – Jochpass was built in 2005 and can be coupled. It travels with covers and overcomes 438 metres in altitude over a distance of 1,464 metres at a speed of 5 metres per second. The entire route is covered in 5 minutes and twenty seconds.

The chairlift runs in the summer and winter seasons, but not between the seasons. The railway Engstlenalp – Jochpass is a six-seater chairlift that was put into operation in 2019. It can be coupled and is equipped with bonnets and seat heating. During the season it travels from the bottom station (1,954 metres) to the top station (2,214 metres) in 4 minutes and 30 seconds at 5 metres per second. Over a distance of 1,244 metres, it covers 260 metres in altitude.

The cable car Gerschnialp-Trübsee (Angel Eyes) only runs in winter. The 78-seater cable car was built in 1995 and overcomes 531 metres of altitude on a length of 2,191 metres. It runs at a speed of 9 metres per second. It takes 4 minutes and 30 seconds for the entire route.

Events on the Titlis

Events are held regularly on the Titlis.

Trübsee SaturdayNight, saturday night, Nacht, night, Rutschpark Trübsee, Trübsee snowpark
Trübsee SaturdayNight, saturday night, night, night, Rutschpark Trübsee, Trübsee snowpark

Regularly recurring events include these:

Trübsee Saturday Night:

This event takes place every Saturday evening between Christmas and Easter. The cable cars between Engelberg and Trübsee are open from 18:30 to 21:00. The gondolas travel in convoy, always 12 gondolas in a row, every 20 minutes. The Trübsee Slide Park opens between 7 and 10 pm, the Lago Torbido Restaurant remains open until 11 pm.

The descents take place, also in convoy, between 18:30 and 23 hrs. Snowshoeing, snow tubing and winter hiking are possible. Italian dishes are served in the restaurant Lago Torbido, fondue and raclette are available in the Fonduestübli. The Trübsee Bar is also open. The evening rides are free for children up to 15 years of age.

Reductions such as SBB Half-Fare travelcard (SBB Halbtax/GA) are not accepted. Those who have a day ski pass for that day, a season ticket or a Central Switzerland snow pass travel free of charge. Reservations for dinner must be made by e-mail or telephone.


Skitests Trübsee and booth

At the station stand and in the shop at Trübsee station, ski tests of well-known ski brands take place from time to time. They are free of charge. Planned dates for ski tests and other events such as night sledging and raclette fun or New Year’s Eve celebrations can be found here.

Prices and discounts

The prices for mountain railways and activities are always displayed on the Titlis pages. Tickets for single trips, day and multi-day trips or as season tickets can be purchased online on this page. Here you can buy tickets for ski trips, train rides and season tickets.

On the page Prices you can call up specific activities and tickets. Current prices are listed on the pages of the individual activities. If these are missing, the season may not yet be open. Information will also be provided via the e-mail address and telephone number provided. The following pages can be accessed directly:

  • Train tickets
  • Summer activities
  • Winter activities
  • Ski day tickets
  • Season subscriptions


  • Mountain summer specialat Berghotel Trübsee every year from the beginning of June to the end of October.
  • Sledging, night sledging and the rental of scooters and devil bikes is cheaper from 10 persons

Mountain restaurants on the Titlis

There are a total of 17 restaurants, bars and snack bars on the Titlis, which are arranged on an overview page according to the mountains and railway access points.

CandleLight Dinner Titlis
CandleLight Dinner, Candlelight, Fondue Chinoise, Dinner;.CandleLight Dinner, Dinner;

On the open facilities page you can see not only the current activities, open slopes and cable cars, but also all the restaurants currently open. The Panorama Restaurant Titlis is located at 3020 metres above sea level near the mountain station. The restaurant is open daily until 4:30 pm and offers free WLAN.

Swiss cuisine is served. Once a month a candlelight dinner with fondue chinoise is held here. The Titlis Snack Bar is open for snacks or bratwurst, hot coffee or beer on the terrace, weather permitting. The Panorama Self-Service offers international cuisine at weekends (daily during the winter season) with grilled dishes, daily plates and freshly made soups. The Mövenpick Ice Cream Bar offers 12 ice cream specialities a day, freshly baked waffles, hot drinks or Asian noodle soups.

The Ski Hut Stand is a rustic restaurant with service, offering regional specialities and wines accompanied by country music. Inside, three tiled stoves provide warmth, and deck chairs can be used on the terrace. This restaurant is open daily from the beginning of December to the beginning of May.


Restaurants Trübsee

On the overview page of the Titlis all 17 restaurants, bars and bistros on the Titlis are listed.

Alpstubli am Trübsee
Alpstubli am Trübsee by TB

In the list of open lifts and attractions as well as the currently open restaurants are listed. The Alpstübli is situated directly on the Trübsee and has a large sun terrace. In addition to Swiss specialities, you can also enjoy homemade cake here. The Alpstübli is open in summer until 17:15 hrs. In the rest of the year it is generally closed. In winter, however, the Chässtübli serves homemade cheese fondue.

The Trübsee Grill Hut brings charcoal-grilled specialities such as truffle fries, deer-cheese bratwurst and pulled pork burgers to the table. Open in good weather from June. The Trübsee Self-Service of the Berghotel Trübsee is located directly on the ski slopes and hiking trails and offers buffets with a large sun terrace. It is open daily.

The Trübsee Bar Lounge and the Italian restaurant Lago Torbido also belong to Berghotel Trübsee and are closed outside the winter season. In winter they are open daily. In the first three weeks of December the Trübsee Bar Lounge is only open on weekends. Mountain summer special at Berghotel Trübsee: The offer includes a mountain menu (including a small salad and TITLIS glacier water) and the Engelberg-Trübsee up and downhill trip. Tickets are available at the ticket office at the TITLIS valley station (no reservation necessary).

Mountain summer special tickets are available from the beginning of June to the end of October.


Restaurants at Untertrübsee, Gerschnialp and Jochpass

Of the 17 restaurants, bars and snack bars in total, which are arranged according to the mountains and railway access points on an overview page of the Titlis, three are scattered around the mountains. All are accessible by cable cars or lifts.

Gasthaus Ritz, Wanderwegweise, Wegweiser, Kühe;.Gasthaus Ritz, Hiking Sign, Cows;
Gasthaus Ritz, Hiking Sign, Cows;

On the Titlis page of the open facilities you can see all the restaurants currently open. In summer the Gerschnialp Inn is open from mid-May to the beginning of November. Situated next to the funicular railway, the Laub freeride track, toboggan run and cross-country skiing tracks are not far away.

Home-style cooking with Swiss specialities is served for up to 180 people. An evening in a mountain hut followed by a torchlight hike down into the valley is one of the attractions of Gerschnialp. The Bärghuis Jochpass is situated at 2,222 metres above sea level directly on the ski slope. In addition to a restaurant, there are several “Stüblis”, a self-service restaurant, the “Gadä” and an outdoor terrace. The Gadä offers food and groove (multicultural cuisine and music).

The Bärghuis is open during the winter season from early December to mid-April and during the summer season from mid-June to mid-October. The Restaurant Untertrübsee is located in the middle of the mountain area and is open from mid-May to the end of October and from the beginning of December to April.

In summer the restaurant can be reached from Trübsee via the Älplerseil cable car, from Engelberg on foot or by car. In the winter season there is a ski lift right next to the restaurant, which is located right next to the valley run.


Valley restaurants -Engelberg

Near the TITLIS valley station in Engelberg, you will find four of the 17 restaurants, bars and bistros listed on this website.

Chalet Engelberg
Chalet Engelberg by TB

All currently open restaurants, bars or bistros can be seen on the Titlis page of the open facilities. The Chalet in Engelberg is open during the winter season. From about the beginning of December until the beginning of April it opens daily from 15.00 hrs, until the end of April only on weekends.

Specialities are drinks like mulled wine and Kafi Zwäschtge. On Fridays and Saturdays (Christmas until around the beginning of March), after night sledging, raclette eating takes place here in the chalet. The chalet can also be booked for events in summer. The Restaurant Linie 8 offers Swiss cuisine and is open daily.

Snacks can be bought at the counter. The restaurant has no outdoor area. The Spice Bistro by Gourmindia is an Indian restaurant with bistro and take away. Specialities are Tandoori Chicken, Samosa dumplings and Chai Tea. It is open daily from mid November to mid March and from early June to early November.

The Restaurant Golf Stubli is not located at the valley station, but directly at the golf course in Engelberg. It offers Swiss and international hot and cold cuisine, freshly baked cakes and snacks. A highlight is the Mövenpick Ice Cream. The restaurant is open from mid May to mid October.


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