Skydiving Switzerland – The best 5 skydives


We have collected the best 5 skydives in Switzerland below.

Skydiving Lucerne-Beromünster

Skydive Luzern offers tandem jumps in Luzern-Beromünster from the age of eight years. You will experience this jump with experienced tandem masters. During the 20 or so flights you will enjoy the view of the lake landscape with Lake Sempach, Lake Baldegg and Lake Hallwil. In between, the mountain landscape around the 872-metre-high Stierenberg is visible. You can also see the cities of Aarau and Zurich. In particularly good weather conditions, you can even see as far as Lake Lucerne and the Alps.

The jumps are carried out daily from March to October at four fixed times. Up to fifty jumps per day are possible at Skydive Luzern, so that group events are also possible. Seven guests fit on the plane. A restaurant at the airport provides the necessary catering. Beromünster Airport can also be reached by public transport from Zurich via Lucerne or Aarau.


Skydiving Interlaken/Reichenbach

Skydive Switzerland offers skydiving by helicopter or plane from Interlaken. On the day of the jump, weather and air traffic permitting, you can negotiate with the pilot of the plane and the tandem master a higher jump point of 4,600 meters instead of the usual 4,000 meters if you wish. The flight, which normally takes about fifteen minutes, will then be extended to twenty minutes and the free fall from 45 to 55 seconds.

At Skydive Switzerland the age limit is set at 16 years. The weight (including clothes) should be between 40 and 105 kg, with the helicopter a maximum of 95 kg is allowed. The flight with open canopy takes six minutes in both cases. During the flight by plane you will enjoy the view of Lake Brienz, Lake Thun and the mountains with the outstanding trio of Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch. On clear days you can even see as far as the Matterhorn. With the helicopter you can get closer to the mountains, but you won’t have such a nice overall view of the Alps. Also available photos and videos are somewhat limited with helicopters. The helicopter can carry two tandems at the same time, the plane four. If you want to fly with the helicopter, you must not be taller than 1.83 metres.


Skydiving Interlaken – Grindelwald

At Skydive Interlaken, three helicopter jumps and, in exceptional cases, a jump from the plane are offered. Minimum age is 16 years, maximum height 1.95 metres. The helicopter Eiger Jump (best time for jumping is from October to April) starts with a 10-15 minute flight around the summit of the Eiger before you jump from 4,300 metres on the Eiger North Face with your tandem master and enjoy 45 seconds of free fall.

The jump site is in Wilderswil, where you will be taken back to after landing in Grindelwald. It can also be reached by public transport. The jump from the helicopter over Interlaken offers you a panoramic flight from Interlaken to the Schynige Platte through the Lütschental and back, before you jump from 4,000 metres and land at the base in Interlaken. The Lauterbrunnen helicopter takes off from the heliport in the valley of Lauterbrunnen and offers a panoramic flight through high and steep rock faces with impressive waterfalls. Here too, you jump from 4,000 metres and land in Lauterbrunnen. After landing you will be brought back to Wilderswill.


Skydiving Locarno

The Para Centro Locarno skydiving centre in southern Switzerland offers tandem flights and AFF jumps for participants aged twelve years and over and 1.50 metres tall. Anyone wishing to jump must pass a fitness test in the 500-metre run. Women should manage the distance in 2.3 minutes, men in 2 minutes.

The flight starts with the single-engined Pilatus Porter with a great view of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding lake district. The take-off point is above Locarno. At an altitude of 1,500 metres, the parachute is opened after 50 seconds of free fall.


Skydiving Zurich

At Skydive Zurich you jump out of a plane at an altitude of 3,000 metres in the Zurich Oberland. Nevertheless, the free fall is almost one minute before the parachute opens. Before that, you will experience the mountain landscape up to Lake Zurich and back in a sightseeing flight. The take-off and landing site is the Speck airfield in Fehraltorf. Jumping dates are always Fridays from April to October and by arrangement also on individual weekends.

The minimum age is 16 years and from the age of 60 you must present a medical certificate, for which you will receive a form. You should also weigh less than 90 kilos and have not had any broken bones in the last few months. At Skydive Zurich, it is also necessary to clarify with your accident insurance company which coverage you have (SUVA coverage is sufficient).

Recommended Tours

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Einmaliger Fallschirmsprung über Interlaken. Springe von ~4000m, mit Blick auf den Brienzer- & Thunersee und geniesse die wunderschöne Aussicht auf die Berge.

Skydive Interlaken - Eiger Fallschirmsprung in Grindelwald

Dieser Sprung ist etwas Besonderes! Für Personen, die ein exklusives Erlebnis suchen – um den weltberühmten Eiger hautnah zu erleben.

Skydive Switzerland | Fallschirmsprung aus Flugzeug | Reichenbach

45 Sekunden Freier Fall und Adrenalin pur! Geniess diesen einzigartige Flug mi 20 Minuten durch das Berner Oberland mit anschliessendem freien Fall!


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